Faces of AUS



Added: October 12, 2016

Being a College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD) student requires a lot of dedication and work and because you end up in the CAAD building most of the time. This sometimes means you usually miss out on many of the activities as these activities happen when CAAD students are busy. Yet, we try to participate. For example I am in the Music Club and I participated in the talent show and the end of year concert they organized, but I was hoping that it would have happened at an earlier time so I could have had some friends come and watch and get more support.

But all in all AUS has really added to my life, friends wise and experience wise. I think students should take part in as many activities as they can because the experience you get changes your mood and lets you experience things that are different from your usual life. I also think that it allows more creativity. Although I haven’t had time to take part in the Performing Arts Program yet, I would definitely like to take part in it too. This means I will need to manage my time a lot better to create time for this. And this is the secret I will share with everyone who want to do the most at AUS. I think if you really know how to manage time, you can balance these things and do a lot more.

Hadeel Hisham Khalil is an interior design student at AUS.