Faces of AUS


Noor, Louay and Sama

Added: November 13, 2016

Sama – I found the transition from high-school to University extremely difficult, especially because I moved from Oman to come here. I also found the educational system difficult. In high-school they’re spoon-feeding you. They’re giving you the material as if you have to memorize it. You’re not really forced to understand it. Over here however, it’s based on your understanding more than just memorizing, because in the examinations you’re not asked direct questions. You’re asked to analyze and comment on concepts.

Louay – Yeah, I had a tough time as well, just because everything I learnt seemed new compared to what I’d been taught in high-school.

Noor Adel el-Hussein is a finance major; Louay Srour is pursuing a Management degree; and Sama Issa Al-Taie is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at the American University of Sharjah.