Faces of AUS



Added: November 2, 2016

My transition from high-school to university was very different. The environment in my school was different from that of AUS, because it was an international school. My friends from high-school are very different from my friends in AUS, but I guess I’m getting a lot more comfortable with my friends here because I relate to them more than I did with my friends in high-school. My friends here are mainly Arabs and I kind of didn’t have that in high-school, since they all belonged to different nationalities and so didn’t understand why I did what I did, or what my decisions were based on. Here though, they understand me because they know what I have to go through or why I have to make certain decisions. I still like to be a part of both the environments; I meet with my high-school friends some days and spend other days with my friends from AUS.

Youssef Ghazzawy is pursuing Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at AUS.